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Book Club - "1984" Book Review

Book Review
In the comments section, please post your book review of 1984. Be sure to follow the instructions I gave you on how to write a book review. (word limit 200-250 words)


Duwane said...

George Orwell’s ‘1984’ was published decades ago, the book has now grown enormously in popularity with even a movie based on the novel. Evidently, with so much popularity the book is something special and to me it was something exceptional. The world Orwell created is so amazing and enthralling, while the story itself spans so many genres to satisfy any reader.
The book’s main focus is on the government, in Orwell’s world the government of Oceania is ruled by a dictatorship. The ‘party’ revolves around ‘Big Brother’ the dominant figure in all of Oceania who rules over his people with watchful eyes and an iron hand consisting of spies, police and the public itself. With media brainwashing the entire state the government only needs to worry about its ‘super-state’ enemies.
But there is something to be worried about, people like Winston. The central character who doubts the government’s rule, who thinks that all was once better but ‘the party’ came and ruined everything. He attempts to connect with ‘the brotherhood’, who strongly opposes ‘the party’. But this isn’t an easy task for Winston to achieve and his journey is full of peril, catalysts and deception. At times, one could say some descriptions don’t paint a complete picture of the world Winston lives in but it’s almost unnoticeable and I would guess: open to imagination and interpretation.
To conclude, George Orwell created a masterpiece one with a very strong message of what governments are capable of. Minor discrepancies aside, it is a brilliant book that will withstand the test of time for generations to come.

Leah Simon said...

'1984', published in 1950, is an olympian novel written by George Orwell. Its popularity has no bounds being one of the best books of the last century and having movies based on it. A novel written so very articulately, the book prove it self an exeptional read.

A novel grounded in politics, '1984' revolves around an alternative government in Oceania (one of the three superpowers in 1984). It is a under a totalitarian government run by the "Party", with its figure head 'Big Brother', who rules over Oceania- an envision who's known existence may just be a poster, but who's control reaches everywhere using telescreens, spies and the language Newspeak. The Party's strength is the media- the media indoctrinating that "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignoranace is Strength."

The protagonaist is Winston Smith, a middle aged man who doubts everything that the party claims, who knows that, "things had been better before" and who is secretly going against the Party. Winston is joined by his lover Julia, a coworker and they later confess their defiance to O'Brien, who is believed to be a part of the "Brotherhood"-a rebel party led by Oceania's national enemy, Goldstien.

The story then follows an unimaginable climax, full of thrilling twists. The real terror of a dictatorship is portrayed; one unimaginable in today's world or the world when George Orwell wrote the book-the terror of mental manipulation, the terror of having no freedom of speech, the terror of "being cheated of something you had the right to."

All in all, George Orwell penned a masterpeice- an enitrely new world inconceivable to us now. Such a powerfully written novel will always reamin timeless, not because of its political views, but becuase of the bold message it puts across.

Myra said...

Since the time it was published in 1950, George Orwell’s ‘1984’ has become one of the most popular political and visionary books of all time. Being adapted into a movie & inspiring many others, it has proved to be one of the most thought-provoking novels about our government.

Set in London (a country in Oceania, one of the three superstates of the world), the story follows a curious character named Winston Smith, a man working for the government that calls themselves The Party. Controlled by an illusory leader called ‘Big Brother’, The Party is mainly responsible for twisting truths through the media & perpetually publicizing the Party Slogan- War Is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

In the book, our character Winston doubts the ways of the Party & seeks a group called ‘The Brotherhood’, who are secretly considered an opposition to the Party because of their contrasting ideas of the past, present & future. His later lover, Julia, an outspoken young girl, joins him in their search for truth.

Throughout the novel, Orwell mentions ‘telescreens’ & ‘Newspeak’, which are one of many ingenious inventions of the author. At the time in 1984, telescreens are the technology that allows the government to spy on its civilians while simultaneously taking on the role of a television. On the other hand, Newspeak is the official language of Oceania, which focuses on narrowing down the vocabulary so that its speakers are unable to have extensive thoughts.

We notice the contradictory vocabulary used by Orwell in most statements… not only through the Party Slogan but through the four branches of Government; Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Love & Ministry of Plenty.

All in all, Orwell has used his unique ideas about dictatorship & society to influence his readers’ opinions of our governments today.

Kris_BG said...

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”

An uncannily prophetic novel, Orwell’s 1984, portrays a grim world where the people have lost their most sacred possession- freedom, love and even their consciences.

Following Winston Smith, a government employee of Oceania, Orwell reveals a manipulating venal government that holds unimaginable power over the people, creating the perfect totalitarian regime. Devices such as doublethink, telecoms, Thought Police and newspeak all contribute to the immense control the Party has. “Power for the sake of power”- the ultimate goal of the iconic Big Brother and his followers, something achieved trough psychological manipulation and powerful propaganda.

Winston, aware of the destruction of reality, invasion of privacy and the carefully constructed lies imposed on the population relentlessly, utterly despises the Party and its tyranny. In a society where children betray their parents, people are erased from existence and only certain emotions are allowed, he finds an unlikely lover in fellow worker- Julia, with whom he forms an illicit relationship.

A member of a secret Brotherhood opposing Big Brother is introduced to the plot, but Orwell teaches us that in his world nothing is as it seems and everything is volatile, save for the government.

Inevitably dismaying and yet incredibly awe-inspiring, 1984 warns us of the horrors that will ensure if we let ourselves be governed in that manner. The danger of abolishing free thinking and the enforcement of absolute control that the book tells us about, has made it one of the most influential novels since 1949 when it was published.

Payam H.D said...

A book consisting of only 320 pages has changed the very world we reside in. George Orwell's unearthly prophetic novel, published a little while before his death in 1950, is known as one of the greatest and most crucial writings of our time.

Set in Oceania, one of the three warmongering superstates, a ficticious world enslaved by the tyranic totalitarian regime of their own government. 1984's protagonist, Winston Smith, a man who secretley despises the government, also known as The Party, though ironically an employee within their ministry, responsible for the perpetuation of the Party's propaganda, ensuring that their statements are always correct.

The reader is introduced to the Party leader; Big Brother, a symbolic idol who is ever watchful and ever knowing. Posters of him bear the caption BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, dominating the country's landscape. The telescreen; a transceiving device, dominating every single public or private life of the populace.

Winston, rebelling and at the same time following the government's regimen, forms an unlikely alliance with a co-worker, who at first we understand that Winston hates as well. A rebel group known only as the Brotherhood, run by Emmanuel Goldstein, a character similarly ficticious to Big Brother.

An alleged member of the Brotherhood approaches Winston and Julia who's passionate relationship continues, though not unbeknownst to all, leading them to confess their true feelings about the Party. However, the disturbing climax that soon follows, reveals the true dark and diabolical philosophy behind this chilling novel. The reader is also introduced to the terms and concepts of thoughtcrime, newspeak and doublethink - which is the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts in the mind simultaneously and fully accepting both.

This politically insightful novel sheds light onto how powerful a government can and could become if ever. I truly enjoyed reading 1984 as it makes me realise that that not everything is as it seems and to be truly worried if or when our government is all but too watchful!

Shweta said...

George Orwell’s 1984 is one of the most read and overwhelming book today with its strong foresight of humanity and its crumbling nature. It’s a book that outshines all books truly because of its essence and expressive writing by Orwell giving an outlook of the becoming world.

Winston Smith, a valorous government employee in Oceania is one man who quests for the truth. The story takes place in Oceania which is a superstate that is ruled by the Big Brother who represents an image of fear and in everyone’s lives. The venal and totalitarian government of Oceania has its own language which is Newspeak, a dialect with very few words which disallows any extensive thoughts and monitors its citizens every minute with the telescreen, overpowering their thoughts and lives through its falsified and manipulated propaganda. The government has four main branches, the Ministry of Love, Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Plenty and Ministry of Peace.

The government’s invasion of privacy along with the powdering realism has Winston thinking of rebellious thoughts against the Party. He secretly despises the party for its falsehood and controlling manner and falls in love with Julia, an outspoken and carefree girl, who wants to live life as it should be. They confide their secrets to a party member, O’Brien believing that he is on their side.

Orwell turns the table to illustrate a picture of betrayal, hatred and torture that exists in our world still today and that it will always remain. It’s a story that should be read over and over again and warns us of the horrific nature our world could turn to be. A freedom less world controlled from every aspect is the story that Orwell tells and is one of the most influential and powerful books.

Shweta said...
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sabrina said...

In 1949, the year before author George Orwell died, his book, 1984 had been published. Till now it is one of the most prestigious novels amongst readers everywhere. The way Orwell visions the future in a more pessimistic way, rather than the expected optimistic way the general people would like to imagine the future with his impudent testimony on humans.

The book takes place in the future, 1984, with main character Winston Smith. Winston is a citizen who works as a clerk in the ministry of truth in the records department who dares question society and government (Big Brother) in the superstate, Oceania. His job entails him to erase people from society, but the government attempts to keep workers in the records department convinced that the articles are just typos that they are correcting. Winston on the other hand is one of the few individuals left, and is smart enough to know that having so many typos is impossible as he continues to catch on. Oceana being one of the time period’s superstates is at war with Eastasia as well as Eurasia.

While Big Brother continues to completely brainwash the citizens of Oceania, living on the quote “ WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORENCE IS STRENGTH” and as the three superstates continue their combat, Winston thinks outside the box and begins what becomes a major rebellion leading him into arrest as well as torture. As Winston’s rebellion begins to lift off the ground he meets Julia through secret meetings and finds out she too shares his beliefs and they rebel together. Through their rebellion sparks fly between Winston and Julia and they instantly become lovers. As lovers they sooner or later visit O’ Brien who is said to be part of the rebellion movement taking place as well. When they confess to him, O’Brien offers them a proposition, but states that they must be willing to rat each other out as well as die for the cause.

Both Winston and Julia agree only to be captured and arrested soon after for thought crime, which is where Orwell’s take on humanity, comes into the picture. Orwell shows us how vicious Big Brother really is as O’Brien tortures Winston into believing in ridiculous things including, “2+2=5”. O’ Brien also states that; “reality exists in the human mind and nowhere else” he says, “…In the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal. Whatever the party holds to be truth is truth”. This quote implies the ignorance and arrogance of the Party.

Though political issues come up quite often, 1984 is a book that will always remain on the list. The book keeps our reality in check, as for all we know, this could be us tomorrow, next week, a decade from now, anytime! Orwell’s mindset, and insight is what made this book the success it remains to be today and most-likely one hundred years from now.

Faiza said...

George Orwell's 1984, a story reciting the horrors of totalitarian control, a story that shakes up the very basis of modern politics. Many have asked: Is it only fiction, or is it a subtle warning of what could be if one conformed to the preset norms of the world that have so perniciously carved themselves in every niche and corner of society?

The perturbing tale is set in Oceania, one of the three main superpowers of 1984. The story revolves around Winston Smith, a rather curious government executive. He silently questions the authority, the "party" and their commanding figure, Big Brother. Big Brother is the iconic face of the party, the one who watches over the hundreds and thousands of citizens, tracks their every move, reads their every thought through the slightest of their expressions.

Soon Winston meets a girl, Julia, who shares his beliefs. Together, they find the courage to stand up to the injustice, to stand up for what is rightfully theirs: freedom. In their quest for achieving this long forgotten phenomenon, they come across O'Brien, who they discover is part of a rebellion move headed by Goldstein, the sworn enemy of the party.

In their attempt to become part of the brotherhood, they unearth sullen secrets and have to face miserable consequences. A dark narrative of deception, hunger for power and the naive nature of man, George Orwell's 1984 is a literary marvel in it's truest from.

Utzaaaa said...
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Utzaaaa said...

George Orwell’s 1984, is a controversial contradiction to the fruitful future of human race. An interesting piece of literature that has suggested of days filled with futility and hopelessness for the human race. The novel speaks about a time where the most basic norms of survival were associated with contradicting terms, like the 3 slogans that the people in the ‘1984’ times had to live by; War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is Strength. The story is perceived from the eyes of Winston Smith, the protagonist of Orwell’s polemic novel and is set in the fictional state of Oceania. Used to living under the microscope and the pressure of ‘the party’, this story tells us how and why Winston’s disputed mind chooses to rebel.

In the so-called prosperous state of Oceania, under the watchful eye of the Big Brother and amidst blind devotees there lives a ministry worker, who’s having second thoughts about the way things have been aligned for him. In the process the author paints a captivating picture of a world not so fair and flourished, which eventually leads Winston to commit various forms of ‘thought-crime.’ Readers are introduced to an entirely new language form called ‘newspeak’, in which everyday talk is dramatically shortened and follows a fairly incomplex style.

In the fear of being the only unenthusiast, Winston starts to become wary of a bond that him and O’Brein, share. O’Brein being a man of high influence and stature in the party has evidently been shown as an ardent believer in the party’s objectives and also a die-hard hater of the party’s opponent, ‘The Brotherhood’. In the meantime, there is a subtle love story that brewing between a young woman and Winston. Her opposition towards the party’s ways counts as to why Winston was attracted to her. To the readers dismay, this is when the story takes a sharp U-turn and Winston’s actions start backfiring him.

This highly influential novel has set standards amongst today’s known communist states and they are a living example of the injustice illustrated in Orwell’s ‘1984’. The author successfully manages to grab his readers attention with the use of strong descriptive language, which undoubtedly leaves an impact. An exceptional piece of literature which gives us an insight of the possible effects of negligence that we might confronted by in the future.

Dylan said...

George Orwell's '1984' was published over six decades ago, with its popularity growing a huge amount from when it was first released and still growing to this day. It is one of the most read books in the world. This book to me was an eye opener and expands your imagination and how you look at how the olden times must of been for some people and most people think that no way would that kind of life style happen in our day and age but actually North Korea is very much like this.
This book was written to give people a picture of what the future would he like out of George Orwell's eyes. He creates such an amazing and outstanding world and how he describes the everyday life of the individuals.
The books main aim is to focus on the government and how they manipulate the people into doing what they want them to do and how they physically and mentally brainwash the people that work in the 'Big Brother' which is the dominant figure in all of Oceania.
The main character in the book named Winston is a guy who strongly disagrees with the party and believes that the 'Big Brother' came and ruined the good life style that Britain once had, he tries to become apart of the 'BrotherHood' which opposes the 'Big Brother’ party but this wasn’t an easy journey for him as he had to face extreme difficult challenges which also include torture.
The Big Brother was a dictatorship, which made its own rules for Oceania.
You find through the story how Winston Smith tries to convert to the BrotherHood and how difficult he finds it but how determined he is to succeed in his beliefs.
The Big Brother uses propaganda and manipulation to get across that they are the best party to follow and that they have made life a lot better for the citizens within Oceania. They try make everyone follow them and to dedicate their life to Big Brother. Oceania is one state of the 1984 which is against many other states which have several other parties. All these states are against each other and attack each other, so the Big Brother say they are protecting the Oceania people which will make the people favour the Big Brother party.

The language George Orwell uses in his book is very complex and precise as he describes every little detail he comes across. He brings across his ideas and how he thinks in such ways which nobody could imagine, the wording he uses is exceedingly well.

wayne said...

The future. year 1984 .George Orwell paints , for us a grim glimpse into his version of the truth .A future run by a totalitarian government, controlled by "big brother", controlling every square inch of one of three superstates called Oeania

This totalitarian government has complete control over all its inhabitants . their past their present and future with forms of manipulation which include propaganda ,telescreens and newspeak-the official langiage of oceania , where in all these forms of control contribute to "big brothers" sole purpose of abolishing all forms of conventional or "orthodox" thought

Winston Smith . an unordinary citizen of oceania ,which George Orwells 1984 focuses on, is opposed to this form of dictatorship the government has drowned its blind citizens in .
winston is constantly bombarded with signs of a ''brotherhood'' whose main aim is to overthrow big brother and everything big brother sands for ,"IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH""WAR IS PEACE "and "FREEDOM IS SLAVERY "
- these words are the building blocks of the regime winston is set on helping bring down .In this constant struggle he comes across a lively and rebelious young woman ,"julia" who facinates him with her daring and free spirit.
But not everything they do ends up the way they ever imagined it to end

invariably 1984 is a timeless novel that once read , raises questions about the way one thinks , or the way one is made to think. Orwell has illustrated to us the brutal future our watchful "everloving" goverments may lead us into . a future driven by power , torture , betrayal,deciet and undying urge to control .Because of this imense , realistic insight into our twisted, politically and socially influenced future , 1984 is one of the best books published since its time

tannya.j said...

A change of mind, leads to a change of heart. George Orwell’s 1984, one of the most appalling yet terrific novels I’ve read, enunciates this in the most petrifying way possible. The book is based on an image of what the future might just turn out to be. A future, ruled by a forceful government, that watches your every move, and a face known as ‘Big brother’, that stares down at you at almost all times; where people have no choice but to follow the sinister means of the party, where all hope to save the moral, sensational human world is destroyed; where War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.

The party uses telescreens to watch over the public, creates a new language known as “newspeak”, and edits propaganda to gain control over the inhabitants. Winston Smith, the protagonist of the plot, which is set in Oceania, one of the 3 superpowers mentioned in the book, is indebted with doubt of these norms of the party, hence leading him to feel the need to revolt against it. Eventually, he meets a fellow party member named Julia, with whom he creates an intrusive, illegitimate love story. During their journey towards freedom from the tight hold of the party, the couple meets with a senior party member who claims to participate in a rebel group known as the ‘Brotherhood’, after which a series of dark events follow.

Pretending as if the person you once loved never existed; pretending as though the history you once knew was true doesn’t exist anymore; changing your way of thinking; all this happens for solely one reason – because the party says so. Imagine living in a world, where you can never be sure whether what you read is true or not; where history, instead of repeating, changes itself almost every hour. George Orwell envisions the future, creating despair, anguish, confusion and desperation through his words; hence reminding us what the future world was once imagined to be.

Ishi_S said...

George Orwell’s 1984 is a thought-provoking account of the power of government. A power so strong, one would not even realize when under the influence of it, one would not even realize how much is taken from them. The books popularity has no bounds, and rightfully so.

In the super city of Oceania we are introduced to the protagonist, Winston Smith, he works in the Ministry of Truth, where news is “fixed” and truths are made. Flashes of the past, before the revolution which resulted in the present condition, haunt him. Winston is consciously aware of the fabrication of reality in this world, and has immense hatred for the Party, the government, yet he must keep his thoughts clear for even your mind is not yours and is regulated by the government.

We are introduced to words such as doublethink and unorthodox, part of newspeak. Telescreens watch your every move, you are heard and monitored every second, and there is absolutely no privacy. Big Brother is the face of the party, he is the ruler of Oceania, and his posters are all over the place with the threat “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”, and watching he is.

Winston is not the only person opposed to the Party, he meets a young woman Julia , who hates the Party as much as him, but rather irrationally. Winston and Julia are welcomed by a rebellious group known as the “Brotherhood”. From there the story twists and turns, shocks and mesmerizes.

George Orwell projects the nightmarish world flawlessly, it leaves you speechless and flabbergasted as you contemplate the horrors that would take place were this all ever happen in your world, or has it already happened without us suspecting? Always question the happenings in our world, nothing is as it seems- that is the message this book conveys. A must read and a must have in the collection of the avid reader. Pure gold!

BatulB said...

In 1949, George Orwell published a book '1984'. This book is a peek into the future of the governments; dictatorship. It is a great novel which makes the reader wonder, "Could this the reality in a few years?"

The book 1984, revolves around Winston Smith, a common man who questions Big Brother and the Party (government) of Oceania. Big Brother is an everlasting figure used by the party to govern the people. The party controls each and everything of Oceania, including the people. They are made to think only positively of the Party. Anything against the Party is a crime, even a thought; which is called thoughtcrime in Newspeak, the official language of Oceania. The people are watched through telescreens at all times, anywhere and everywhere.

The Party of Oceania is always at war with one of the other two superpowers existing. The history of Oceania is constantly being changed to satisfy the party needs, a job done by many, such as Winston himself. They are then supposed to forget what they have edited like it never happened, Doublethink; to believe two contradictory thoughts fully and equally.

Soon enough, Winston finds out that he is not the only one against the Party. Julia, a co-worker expresses her feelings to him and they both fall in love. They break the rules of the party and have an affair that the Party is unaware of.

The book eventually moves into a darker scene of terror and pain. Orwell shows us how immense torture can drive a person to betraying their loved ones and their beliefs.

1984 is a book that will never be forgotten. The reality in the imagination of George Orwell can be seen everywhere in todays world. After reading this book I realised that we are restricted to the freedom we deserve and are easily manipulated to think the way others want us to.

Nnamdi said...

The book 1984 was written by George Orwell, and was published in the year 1950.The book has been passed on and from generation to generation and has been appreciated by all. Despite the book being published a long time ago ,it has continued to grow more and more popular throughout the years and has become one of the best books of all time. This extraordinary book was written so well and since it contains so many different styles of writing it is capable of keeping any reader hooked on for quite a long time.

In my opinion this book focuses on the truth and the truth is people will do anything to make other people follow what they believe in. In this case the book mainly focuses on the party. The party inflicts fear, spreads propaganda and kills when possible in order to scare people into obeying what the party believes in. The party uses big brother as a symbol, big brother is supposed to be loved by all, His poster is at every corner of the city, his face muscular, strict yet trustworthy is bound to influence anyone.

But there are some people to be worried about ,people such as Winston who is the star character of the book is such a person that thinks for himself no matter how much of lies and propaganda was spread throughout the media he always somehow neglected those lies and trusted what he believed in. But his free thinking leads him into sorrow, as he tries to join a brotherhood and when he falls in love with a girl named Julia, he is arrested and gets tortured.

In conclusion George Orwell's book is an inspiring tale of a man who couldn’t shut his brain and needed to know the truth. In all honesty I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants tread an epic novel of truth and justice and I am sure that it shall live on for many more years to come.

-Nnamdi, alrighty then...

Yoan Aher said...

'1984' is a book that portrays a harsh future towards mankind that could very well happen if a one party state comes into great power.
Even though the book was released in 1950 it continues to show the horrors of totalitarianism and how people can use things like fear and propoganda to control people and the way you think.

Set in the land of Oceania, the plot revolves around Winston Smith, a man who is against the party. The party is a political group that forces people to think according to their liking and by doing so keeping themselves at power. They control people by using fear and political mind control, by influencing children to turn on their parents and promising a better world. The people in '1984' have no privacy as everything they do or say is being seen or heard. Winston Smith is one of the few people to actually have his own mind and realize that something is not right and that the citizens should not be scared to say or even think of things that go against the party. The novel shows the story of his secret rebellion towards the party and how he would give up anything to see them bought down from power.

In my opinion the books main theme is around political mind control and totalitarianism and the dangers that go along with it. The thing I liked mostly about the book was the way it opened my eyes to some of the harsh realities of this world and in such a gripping way that it can be read again and again.

1984 remains to be one of the most powerful and influential books of all time and will surely stand the test of time. Some people consider this book to be a 'guide' to a better world, I however thing that is was written to warn people against some of the true horrors of this world.

lauren19931 said...

George Orwell who is the publisher of the book 1984. He published this book a year before his death.This book has changes the vies of how you think and people have seen things differently after reading this book. The book also shows how powerful and threatning the society was. The book is about how a government makes people follow the rules if not it will result in tourture.
Oceania,Eastasia,Eurasia are three states which battle throughout the book. Each has an identical government.

Orwell falls in a forbidden romance with Julia. So they can not be seen together which is really difficult. Moniters and microphones are hidden everywere.They eventually are found out by O'brian a co-worker which is believed to be a member of the brotherhood. I believe that the title is appropriate. "1984" it shows that this happened awhile ago. The books purpose was to show the readers the truth about how governments can make you believe what they want you to belive. The author showed us how they put the news in the bewspaper but only what they want you to see.

Also instead of using the word "bad" they say it as "ungood". Bigbrother has changed the lives by blocking out the truth and replacing it with what they want you to believe. Moniters and microphones recording your every move. Your never alone. I liked 1984 it changed the way I thought about certatain things. I now question if the news is telling us the whole story or even the newspaper. Are they blocking out what we really want to see?

Sonal said...
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Sonal said...

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) is a novel written by the English writer George Orwell. The novel was first published in 1949. The book tells the story of a fictional character Winston Smith and his attempt to rebel against the totalitarian state in which he lives in Oceania.

The impact of 1984 is not surprising, because the well compiled novel takes us into the future with shocking accuracy. In contemporary society, the novel can frighten readers even more, since the readers can actually see how much of the Orwell's warnings have become reality, with a prime example being North Korea and other communist nations.

With 1984, Orwell depicts a futuristic totalitarian government that uses deception, fear and manipulation to force total obedience and conformity on its society. The government wages wars to keep the people in fear, thus diverting the failures and oppression of the government. The totalitarian government uses constant surveillance with the telescreen and "thought police" to stifle rebellion. The people live in constant reminder that they have no freedom, with signs that say, "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU."

In conclusion, Orwell paints a terryfying picture of the actual powers held by the government and gives us a sharp warning of what can happen in the future.

asima...=D said...

George Orwell’s 1984 is an expectional work of literature. It allows its reader ,through it finest details and descriptions, to feel nearly all emotions that can ever be experienced, love, lust, jealousy, apprehension, anger, confusion, hatred and many more. This book was written in the year 1950 and could well be said to be a prophecy as so much that George Orwell wrote sadly became a reality in the years to follow.
This book is a mixture of many genres that work well with Orwell’s amazingly “created world”.
This book simply points a finger at human morals, principals, ways of life, at peoples ability of cruelty and others ability to fall under pressure and follow a certain path blindly, ignorantly, mindlessly without questioning.
The books main focus is its dictatorship form of government, “big brother” who is the most loved leader and who in the eyes of his followers can never be wrong. Big brother successfully manages to control the whole of Oceania, one of the 3 biggest powers of that time, with the help of his watchful eyes his TV screens, the thought police, the ministry of love & the ministry of truth everything functioned according to his will.
This disturbing tale of totalitarianism revolves around Winston Smith, an executive of the “party” and all his questions. Was life always like this? Did big brother really exist? What was the past like? What does the future hold?
"He who controls the past, controls the future" this is a very important slogan of the party and this is wherein Winston’s job lays. Each day he changes the truth but he never knows what the truth really is.
He meets a woman named Julia who is equally troubled by the state, they both aim for what is rightfully theirs “freedom” but their ways and reasons for wanting freedom are different.
During their journey they meet many new people, are caught up in a tangle of decisions needed to be made and meet an unfortunate fate.
This influential, epic novel of truth, lies, justice, injustice, courage and love keeps one pondering and terrified of what power a government can hold. It is bound to live on for many years reminding people of the past and hopefully preventing such inhuman actions in the future.

Yusra said...

“The past was dead, the future was unimaginable”, this is how George Orwell visualized life to be in a totalitarian state, no self-determination, hope or dignity.

The novels protagonist, Winston Smith is one of the inhabitants of this society who live under the vigilant eye of Big Brother, the leader of the autocratic government that runs Oceania, one of the three superstates of the world in 1984. It is at continuous war with the other two superstates, Eastasia and Eurasia.

To maintain control and to gain complete power over its inhabitants, Big Brother, uses different schemes for its only purpose, to eradicate all unorthodox thought. Big Brother, along with using other propaganda techniques uses Newspeak, the official language of Oceania and the Telescreen’s that were used for scrutinizing each and every citizen at all times.

At work, a dark haired girl, who works in another department, approaches Winston. He begins a love affair with the girl, Julia. He soon realizes that he is not alone in his hatred for the party.

Winston and Julia go to see O’Brien, who is a member of the ‘Brotherhood’, the group that stands against the party. They go there to get enlisted into the ‘Brotherhood’ as well. And from here the climax begins.

Orwell wrote this book in his unparalleled journalistic style. He was a man who knew the authentic threats of a totalitarian government. Through this book he has warned us, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Feba said...

1984 is a book that focuses on the dominating nature of the government called the “PARTY” who has mindless followers – the public because of the overwhelming pressure exerted by Big Brother. The Party has developed a language of its own known as Newspeak and disciplines their lives on the statement – “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength." The government has complete control over the lives of the people and keeps constant watch over them through various electronic sources such as the telescreens and mics which are all over the place. The citizens have no liberty and free will of their own – they’re puppets controlled by the Party and they use the help of sources like the Thought Police.

It focuses on a protagonist called Winston (an isolated citizen) who lives in Oceania, which is one of the superpowers. He tries to express his hatred for the Party by writing down his thoughts on his diary. Later on he finds that he’s not alone in his negative thoughts about the Party but finds a companion who shares the same thoughts – JULIA. Julia is a strong, determined woman who works for the Party but has her own beliefs. Winston has an affair with Julia which is illegal in terms of the Party.Winston confesses his viewpoints about the Party to his coworker O’Brien who apparently hates the Party too. But O’Brien deceived Winston and Julia and Winston was put to torture. In a span of time he surrenders himself to the will of the Party.

1984 is a powerful book based on the control of a government over a country. If a country in under total dictatorship the opinion and thoughts of the public don’t matter – all that matters is rule of the government that should be firm and strong. its shows the ability of the government if the public submit to its will.

Master Rahul said...

George Orwell's 1984, published in 1949, now becoming one of the worlds greatest books. The book narates the story of a fictional character, Winston Smith, and his eagerness to go against the "party" beliefs in the totalitarian state of Oceania(London).

A book based on politics, 1984 revolves around the "party" and it's rules. The novel is an eye opener about the different political systems.

1984 has a very similar political system to North Korea, one similarity being "Big Brother" and the "Dear Leader". The people unfortunately have no say in how the country runs, and even THINKING against the "party" beliefs is a crime.

They say being eager and keane is a good thing however Winstons eagerness to overthrow the party led him into trouble. Caught and thrown into prison for going against the "party" beliefs and being with Julia ended Winston's dream.

Georgle Orwell sent across a very powerful message which depicting how capable the government is of controlling us.

Master Rahul said...


neineisharie said...

"War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignoranace is Strength."

These are the words that resound over and over in a person's mind as they read '1984' by George Orwell. A book published in 1950, a full 34 years before the setting of the book itself, it revealed Orwell of having an almost prophetic knowledge of the world as it is in what is, undeniably, our time. You may not see it, feel it, or even realize it, but in our so-called 'civilized' world, there are those that are oppressed, there are countries stifled under the rule of their oppressors.

It is an undeniable truth, yet how did someone living in an age where not even the internet was invented realize this?

Set in the superstate of Oceania, the London of that time is nothing like that of hours. The story focuses on a man named Winston who, as the story progresses, increasingly questions the Government's lies and propaganda. It revolves around his day, his work, his interactions, his thoughts, his tête-à-têtes with his own conscience. As one of the few who actually managed to retain his, he is a source of worry for the Government.

However, Winston feels as if he is alone in his thinking, but as the story progresses manages to with others that sympathize with him...and actually begins an illicit affair with a woman named Julia, who shares his sentiments against the oppression. Together, they plan a rebellion, but do little - if anything at all - to actually put it into action.

However, it is not long before they are found out and silenced. With a somber note, Orwell ends his story, reminding us that though we may now live in a world of luxury, we must all do our part and fight for our rights, if only as an individual - for it is each individual effort that contributes to a righteous movement.

1984 is truly a book to be remembered and passed on through the generations, a literary as well as political masterpiece.

stan said...

First published in 1950 by George Orwell, 1984 is based in the future; to some people 1984 is like a bible. It was published to warn people of totalitarianism and the methods they have on how they can use propaganda, and fear to get the things they desire most. They use fear to control people by listening to all of their conversations and looking through everything they do with telescreens.
Winston smith, the books main character works for the government, but he disapproves of everything that the party and big brother stand for. We soon learn that he isn’t the only one in his beliefs when he meets a co-worker called Julia.
The three battling superstates are Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. They all have the same type of government in order to get total power over all the people that reside within the super state. During this war, the party promises its people more of everything that is good, whereas everything bad is decreasing. Winston Smith thinks that the party is controlling people through fear and political mind control.
Certain people think this book is a guide for a dictator to get complete power, but it was actually made as a warning to people against totalitarianism. This books best feature is that it describes everything in such a gripping way that it keeps you hooked for a long time, and this is why I think that ‘1984’ will always be one of the greatest books of all time.

Sonal.Vohra said...

1984, a fantastic novel written by Geroge Orwell in the year 1948 gave the people of the world a taste of what the job of a government in a country is, and how ridiculously it will invade into people's private lives by exploiting and conquering their thoughts, rights and freedom to do its job.

It is a book about the totalitarian regime, of the Party in Oceania (One of the three super-powered states of the world), that supresses all autonomous decisions and thoughts. Relating to North Korea, for instance, where the leader of the country has to be adressed as 'The Dear Leader' which is similar to the case in the Book where the leader is adressed as 'Big Brother'. No other ways to adress the leader are accepted, forcing the people to reluctantly do as the Party wants them to do. The story revolves around Winston the protaganist, who is strongly against this form of dictatorship and secretly writes down all his negative thoughts about the Party in order to escape the claws of the thought police and give himself a sense of relief. He then meets Julia, who works at the ministry repairing novel writing machines and discovers that He is not the only one and has a partner against the Party. Their frequent meetings lead to an illegal affair, in the eyes of the ruling body, between the two which does'nt go any further, as the thought police had discovered their rebellion, unbeknownst to Winston.

O'Brein, a loyal member of the party, is then introduced to Winston as being a member of the opposing party. His job is to look for and capture thought criminals and "Cure their thoughts" or brainwash them into believing that everything the party says is right. As with the others, O'Brein is successful in getting Winston and Julia to confess their crime, leading to the most crucial part of the book, the unpredictable climax.

Overall, George Orwells effort to try to educate the world of his very valid thoughts, is reflected in the Book, 1984. Which portrays the sort of Government that will be able to control each and everything thought in ones mind and then alter those thoughts to only what it considers to be right. And what effects would this enormously strong type of government would have on the common man. I would strongly recommend people who enjoy exploring leadership skills and their effectiveness to read this book. As a totally different vista is showcased in this book.

Nikki said...

Published in 1944, George Orwell’s “1984” has certainly made an impact, being dubbed as a ’classic novel’ of the science fiction genre. 1984 helped integrate the concept of ‘Big Brother’ as well as also having a few films and TV shows based on the novel. The lack of liberation in the world he created is very realistic, almost unbelievable. It was as if he knew what was going on or as if he was living in a country where there is complete lack of privacy and where the government has a strong impact towards the public.

Set in Oceania where Big Brother and the party has complete control of the civilians, no privacy,” War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength." where everyone was brainwashed into loyalty towards Big Brother.

A civil servant named Winston doubts Big Brother and the party, his curiosity increasing day after day, in his work or even in his dreams, the pieces of the puzzle just don’t add up. He meets a young lady named Julia, who had a strong personality and secretly a ‘rebel from the waist downwards’ but ironically works in the ministry of love. They start an unlawful relationship planning to overpower the manipulative government by joining the ‘brotherhood’ (a group that is against the party) but unfortunately the couple’s intentions were exploited and the party who puts them through torture and suffering.

The dreary, pitiful yet powerful atmosphere George Orwell creates certainly drags the reader in for more along with his brilliantly vivid description and unique concepts will certainly make 1984 a must read for anyone.

Aaliya said...

The book ‘1984’ was written by a well-known English author, George Orwell. It was published in 1949, just one year before his death. ‘1984’ is an inspiring novel which portrays the terror that can be caused when a country is ruled by a totalitarian government. It is a book which changes our views about the media. Due to this, ‘1984’ has become one of the most important books in English literature.

The novel is based in Oceania which is dominated by one Party under the influence of ‘Big Brother’ who turns out to be completely fictional yet seems to be watching you from posters pasted in every home and corner of the country. The Party also controls every thought and action with the help of propaganda and telescreens which played a crucial part in the brainwashing of all citizens except the protagonist-Winston Smith, and Julia who are co-workers at the ministry.Here history is twisted to suit the Party’s views. The two fall in love and join a rebel group called the ‘Brotherhood’ through a senior Party worker, but are soon faced with their worst fears after being deceived by him.

Orwell also introduces Newspeak as Oceania’s official language which is revised every year in order to make the vocabulary as minute as possible, for example, the word ‘bad’ is removed and instead referred to as ‘ungood’. He also shows another brainwashing tactic used by the Party -Doublethink’-the ability to be able to change the meaning of a word immediately. An example is the one used most frequently in ‘1984’ where, when the Party says that “Oceania is at war with Eastasia” that means that the war is with Eastasia even though it is not and vice versa.

‘1984’ was a book that really opened my eyes to the way the media can influence us so easily and the dangers of a one Party state and dictatorships and it is a must-read.
Aisha Bashir

Rachel said...

George Orwell doesn’t give the false impression of everlasting happiness in his book’1984’. He openly explains his theories on the inhumane future he believed his country held for him, and his people. He sees the future to be stripped of freedom, freedom of expression, of thought and even of thought. No one will have the chance to be unique, an individual, themselves. Not under the eye of the ever watching dictator, Big Brother, anyways. Uniformity, slavery and conformity are what Orwell expects in his ever darkening image of the bleak and desperate future.

The novel is based on the ideas of one Winston Smith, a man who disagrees with the governments’ ideas. Orwell tries, and in personal opinion succeeds very well, in opening people’s eyes and minds to the real problems that we face. He was punished and tortured for following his beliefs, thoughts and ideas; something most people are encouraged to do. Being watched twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year by a screen that can capture and exploit your every emotion, your thoughts and actions – leaves no escape to be yourself, something that Winston has great trouble dealing with.

Big Brother ran the country by fear, manipulation and dictatorship. Constantly changing who Oceania was at war with, let him know who were fully under his control. He had great propaganda, controlling the media, which no one has immunity from. Physical, emotional and mental torture were used in order to keep the people of Oceania under strict control at all times, destroying personal relationships and friendships – like that of Julia and Winston, who shared the same beliefs.

1984 is a book that has been favoured for decades before and decades to come. With it’s complex language, stunning material and inputs, Orwell will be forever remember for writing a book so powerful – that anyone who reads it will remember it for their life.

Sajid said...

As the title suggests the storyline of George Orwell's 1984 is set in the year 1984, whilst the book was published in the year 1949, just one year before Orwell's death in 1950. But if the sole fact that the book is set in the futurity leads you to jump to the conclusion that 1984 is just another run-off-the-mill science-fiction novel replete with sentient robots and anti-gravitational cars, then you couldn't be further off the mark. Whilst many novels nowadays are marketed as 'real eye-openers', 1984 truly is one and rightfully continues to be so even after more than six decades since it was first printed.

The story revolves around Winston Smith, who works as a paper-pusher in an office in London for the totalitarian government of Oceania (one the three superstates of the time) which calls itself the Party. Orwell depicts a gruesomely macabre world where freedom of speech is a hopelessly fantastical concept, expressing any idea which happens to be even remotely unorthodox in any way is prohibited, love is forbidden, privacy of any and all sorts is practically non-existent, the truth is never true, the very ability of the populace to think intelligently is being destroyed by the enforcement of purpose-constructed newspeak, stupidity is championed after being disguised as intelligence and power-drilled into the mind of every single living individual are the three slogans of the party - War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

Winston is one of the very few people who are able to fathom and recognize the atrocities of the party against the populace and finds himself unable to resist the temptation of revolt against the Party. He partners up with Julia, a colleague who happens to share his mindset and later on, predictably, falls in love with her. As the story progresses, they establish a partnership with O'Brien, another colleague who is allegedly a member of the 'Brotherhood', a small resistance group which is led by the national enemy of Oceania - Goldstein. All right, if you want to know what happens thereafter, you're going to have to go to Magrudy's and buy the book yourself. I'm not going to give you the whole story for free. However, the story does end in a manner which inexperienced readers might find undesirsble but this only goes to quadruple the influential power of the novel. Orwell's 1984 has earned the unsurpassable prestige which it holds today for dozens of reasons but above all, for the message which it so efficaciously delivers, that indeed - Wars are not fought on battlefields. Wars are fought inside peoples' minds.

Marwan said...

‘1984’ intelligently written by George Orwell is the best and most interesting book I have ever read. Every word written for a meaning and a certain effect to it makes you wonder how such a book can only be written by the most noticeable of man. Writing with every detail possible such as descriptive imagery, similes and metaphors proves that not only is it an entertaining book but a book that can teach you how being selective with words can help create mood and feelings.

1984 is a book that shows the main character, Wilson, becoming a ‘fault’ in the industrious and robotic world he lives in. He begins to think differently then the others which is considered as ‘thought crime’. Anything and almost everything that seems to begin a revolution or hint at it is made a crime. He lives in the super state of Oceania constantly at war with the either one of the other two super states, Eurasia and East Asia.

The story develops as Wilson meets Julia and they begin to have an illegal affair. Julia is young, intelligent and careful. They both seem to agree upon the same things and this brings them closer. Work is the reason they first meet. In 1984 a personal life or time for any extra activities never occurred simply because a person’s life was full of either work, or community activities or possibly both at the same time.

Trouble follows closely behind the pair towards the end as they become too comfortable with the events that are taking place and what they are doing together. This just comes to show how governments have the capability to brain wash anyone using the power of the media and military strength. What personally amazed me is how true and correct till this day this book states. A wonderful and mind blowing book.

sanjana said...

George Orwell's '1984', a book of fiction which if we are not careful can become a reality,which infact in some parts of the world is a reality to millions of people.Its hard to imagine that a human in his greed for power and domination can subject another to this horror. This book is based on a powerful fiction though our future could one day turn out to be like this, with a "Big Brother" that stares down at you and where sinister means are employed to control people. Where there is no hope for peace morality, freedom and bravery.

This inhuman and dark party watches over the public with telescreen and forces them to use a language called "Newspeak" and controls them like cattle. Our protagonist, Winston Smith (The author uses Smith, a surname for people who want to remain unknown and ordinary) who lives in oceania, (One of the three superpowers) feels outraged and is racked with a feeling of frustration against his party and who then decides to revolt against it. Befriending a fellow party member named Julia, he falls into an unrealistic and illegitmate love story. they both feel strongly against "the party" and attempt to break away from it. They are faced with perils, deception, heart-break and further frustration.

Finally to conclude the party is bigger than Winston, Julia and others like them put together and Winston surcomes to its ideas. George Orwell has written a masterpiece that has withstood the test of time and come out with a lesson for its readers/ this could be a probable future for our governments if we don't take a stand and keep an active interaction with our government.

eliqa said...

1984 is one of the most remarkable books I have read. It was published by George Orwell in 1949. Set in a world that is made up of pure fiction. This book was written by a man whose mind is truly astonishing. Its known to be a social science fiction with its special terms and ideas.

It occurs in Oceania, a state which is in constant war with either Eastasia or Eurasia. Oceania is run by The Party which is also known as the government. The book introduces ‘Big Brother’ as a dominating figure which everyone looks up to. He bares the caption BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. Everyone except the ‘Proles’ (Ordinary people) are being watched by The Telescreen. This Telescreen is a small device which allows the Party to keep everyone in control by listening and watching every move made.

The Party is in control of everything. Winston Smith is a civil servant responsible for perpetuating the party’s propaganda. After a while he then realized what the party was doing. He decided to rebel. There was a rebel group known as the Brotherhood which was run by Emannuel Goldstein.

Winston’s lover is Julia who he thought hated him at first and was then astounded when she confessed her love towards him. Theyre relationship grew stronger as time passed. A member of the rebel group approached them as both Julia and Winston were against The Party. They joined The Brotherhood.

The readers would also be introduced to the terms and concepts of thoughtcrime, newspeek and doublethink. The twists in this novel would make you think twice about what’s occurring around you as well as to think twice about believing everything you are told. The content of this book is intelligent enough to last for generations of readers to come.

Manveen said...

1984. One of the best books of all time. This novel portrays to us a totalitarian society in which individuals live in. It shows the extent to which propoganda influences people and the way in which society is forced to conform to the norms. Imagine living in a world where your freedom has been eliminated and love and loyalty is only accepted towards the government. Living in a world where you have to obey the rules and consume the information given by a government, despite knowing the absurdity of it all. A world where children betray their own parents. Accepting that its all right, even if it couldnt be more wrong.

Set in Oceania (one of the three superstates of the world), this book follows the story of the protagonist Winston Smith, a man who works for The Party. The Party, led by Big Brother, contemplated to many as god. Throughout the book, it shows how The Party brainwashes people to follow the same ideoligical line with serious consequences if this fails to happen. Doublethink, Newspeak and telescreens are all associated with this trecherous government, people are forced to acquiesce to.

It shows us the various people opposed to Big Brother and the party-Julia, Winston and The Brotherhood.

Winstoon soon meets Julia, a rebellious young woman opposed to the party as well. She comes into his life, full of excitement and answers to the questions Winston holds about The Party. They form a forbidden relationship and eventually get caught.

This eye-opening book displays the power and dominance the government holds over people. It reinforces the perception many individuals already hold of a passive society which can be influenced easily. This book shows us a world in which we all certainly fear living in and god forbid we ever do.

Arizza? =0 said...

War is Peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.

These 3 slogans, combined with the omniscience of the ‘well-loved’ Big Brother, run George Orwell’s dystopian state in 1984, a popular novel which has allowed its readers to take a glimpse in a totalitarian world in which nothing escapes the eyes, ears, and knowledge of the party, headed by Big Brother, its figurehead and leader. In this masterpiece, Orwell feeds us his predictions of the future based on the dark side of a human being’s lust for power and complete control.

We see the circumstances through the eyes of Winston Smith, the protagonist of the story who happens to be guilty of crimethought, doubting the system of Oceania, which together with Eurasia and Eastasia are the main three states of the world in 1984. A very miserable and gloomy atmosphere is kept as the plot unfolds, concepts of doublethink, the Thought Police, and Newspeak introduced to us readers as various ways by which the government controls the general population. Any voice of reason and disagreement or rebellions are exterminated and obliterated from existence, literally, as people disappear from day to day, while the rest have to move on and pretend as if they’ve never existed. A permanent state of war ravages the three major states, propaganda is streamed out on a daily basis, newsscreens are used to monitor people even in the ‘privacy and comfort’ of their shelters, and words are being depleted day by day to restrain the masses’ ability to criticize the government.

These are the main foundations of the party as they manipulate the minds and lives of the people they govern, and Winston finds himself fearing for his safety as he finds everything suspicious and conniving. One such occasion is when he notices Julia, a co-worker who eventually becomes his lover, despite having a massive dislike towards her in the beginning. Together, the two find solace in their forbidden affair, which lead to their downfall.

The torture begins, and Winston finds himself facing the gritty, harsh truth of the metaphysical philosophy of 1984, and even WE find ourselves questioning what we believe in. Stark terror is instilled into the readers as we doubt everything that has been taking place. After all, what if every action, every memory was a lie?

“Throw a frog in a pot of boiling water and he’d jump out quick. But if you put it in a pot of nice comfortable water and then turn on the heat, the frog will complacently let himself be boiled”

This is exactly what we see, and George Orwell, with his amazing command of the language, succeeds in creating a very austere aura over the deprived, destitute human race of 1984, which as we see by the end of the novel, has no clear answer for a better tomorrow. This book has certainly made an impact on me, and will always be a timeless classic.

Mehvash:] said...

Imagine living a life where every move you make is watched (on a device known as the Telescreen); every word uttered is heard; every thought is somehow predicted (leading to thought-crime, a dangerous offence with dire consequences); where a flicker of the eye can land you behind bars; where what you see and hear is controlled with hefty propaganda; this is the reality predicted to us by George Orwell, set in Oceania, one of the 3 superpowers existing in the world created in 1984. Amidst this dictatorship lives an average journalist, Winston Smith, a cynic if there ever was one.

Living a mediocre life being scrutinized by the 'party' and a ficticious 'Big Brother', Winston starts to develop feelings for Julia, a colleague who shares the same scepticism of the Party, who is employed at the Ministry of Truth, a large pyramid shaped structure with the slogans of the party "War is Peace," "Freedom is Slavery," "Ignorance is Strength" etched upon the walls.

As their relationship begins to strengthen and their meetings become more regular, they are met by a member of the Brotherhood (a supposed group opposing the party), and by gaining their confidence manages to derive their true feelings about the Party. From then on the sequence of events that take place are absolutely spine-chilling. From deception to torture to erasing the existence of individuals; newspeak, and double-think come into play, which is the act of thinking two contradictory ideas simultaneously and believing them without a doubt.

This book takes government control to a whole new level, described so eloquently that it can only leave us spell-bound with language so beautifully crafted, exposing us to what MIGHT and COULD be if an all-out war struck for complete control over humanity, and one can only hope that George Orwell's dreary vision does not take place in reality.

Aliza said...

1984 was an ingenious novel pulished decades ago. Written by George Orwell, it has seen tremendous success, both in popularity and in literature groups. The storyline stands out from other books of the same genre by being very different and unusual. 1984 makes the reader think twice about the world he is living in.

The narration is equally enrapturing. The story is based in a world of alternate reality, a world stranded in hard-core politics. The super-state of Oceania is dominated by Big Brother's influence, the territory's improbable leader. Oceania is in the state of war against the other two super-states, EastAsia and Eurasia.

The book follows Winston Smith, an ordinary man. Oceania is covered with telescreens and the Thought Police which monitors every move and speech of its citizens. Despite this level of censorship, Smith, although a government servant, questions the authenticity of such a doubtful leadership. It is during those days of pondering that he meets Julia, and eventually, the Brotherhood, infamous for its secret struggle against the political leadership in Oceania.

Smith attempts to fight for the truth in a world where people are constantly brain-washed and forced to believe the ever-changing statements of the government. He struggles to bring about a revolution in a place where people are too scared to even complain. 1984 is a story of a man seeking justice and fundamental rights for himself and the people of Oceania.

Victor The Great =D said...

It is bittersweet that George Orwell did not live long enough to see and bask in the success of his novel, 1984. Published in 1950, a year before his death, the book has recieved rave reviews and has become a must-read for all espeially for those who are interested and passionate about the future of humanity.
1984 reveals Orwell's vision or insight as our current state of world politics and humanity that are not too far from the novel.

The story takes place in Oceania - a place being controlled by a totalitarian government whos aim is to control every aspects of life. The main character of the book is Winston Smith, a middle aged man who is against the "party" and its leader/dictator - Big Brother, a man who's never physically seen but feared by everyone.
Winston commited a thought crime when he started to write a diary where he revealed his rebellious thoughts.
Thought crime refers to thoughts that not favorable with the english society. Because of numerous incidents of thought crime, the "party" developed a new language - newspeak. Which is a short term for standard or basic english an example given in the book is .
Winston also commited another crime - having a relationship with a woman who works in another department, a dark haired woman named Julia who is also against the "party".
1984 was published to warn everyone about the power of governments and the things they can do to manipulate and control everyone just for their pride and own benefit.

Paige said...

George Orwells book '1984 'was published in 1950. It was set in the future where london is called airstrip 1 and everyone is being watched by the dictator 'big brother'.

The main character, Winston, works for the government but doesnt believe in what it stands for and believes that life was once better but was ruined when big brother took over.

The government party tries to convice everyone that they have brought on an increase of good and that they have always been there when infact winston knows that they weren't.

This book is set in Oceania Where the mottoe is "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength." and all the citizens have been brian washed into believing whatever there told to believe.

This book send a very strong message about totalitarianism And the effects of a dictatorship.

Zaina said...

George Orwell's fantastic book, 1984 has left readers stunned, speechless and shaken all over the world. Published in 1950 ages before the actual date 1984, George Orwell did what many writers have not succeeded successfully yet - predicting the future.
The main idea or focus of the book is on dictatorship, it’s based on politics and the whole city is controlled by a group called the ‘party’ who make rules as per convenience. Set in the super state of Oceania, the main protagonist, Winston Smith is one of the habitats of this society who doubts the leader ‘big brother’ and needs proof as to who he is.
At work, he meets a young lady named Julia, who has a strong personality and is secretly against the party but works at the ministry of love. They develop feelings for each other and start a forbidden relationship and plan to overpower the government by going against them and joining a group called ‘the brotherhood’ who promised to be against the government.
This book is a masterpiece, and an eye-opener which displays the power of the government, and truly displays the horror that our world could have turned out to be. One of the most educational, influential and powerful books ever published.

Mo Nour El Din said...

The multi award-winning novel, '1984', published by George Orwell in 1949, is no mere book, but a frame of the future, of mental control and of physical torture. Since 1949, this book has been almost religiously read, with great care and delicacy, and with complete focus and imagination.

George Orwell creates a new overview of the world we live in today, starting with the main character, Winston, a man who is merely fighting for his rights, rights that have been ripped away from his mind and blocked with supreme intelligence.

In a war of three super-states, Oceania being one, Winston is placed in an impossible situation of freedom and blood, trying to conquer the idea of "Big Brother", who is taken as a non-existant character, inspired to change people's thoughts and way of thinking. "The Party" is the source of "Big Brother", a party destined for complete dominance, power and, most importantly, control.

Further in the scarily truthful story, while Winston is trying to unveil the truth, he finally meets a woman who has similar thoughts but is more bent on revenge than on locating areas of truth. He is a symbol that represents freedom, and that symbolises the amount of control a government could have in the future.

George Orwell attempts to connect with readers worldwide, to warn us of dangers that can exist physically as well as mentally, and he attempts to direct us in the direction he sees fit, the direction to freedom.

The novel has formed a movie, won several awards, inspired millions, and is ranked one of the best worldwide, and it should be read and understood by all people.

Fay..x said...

“Thought-crime does not entail death: thought-crime is death.”

A very fascinating yet highly astounding novel written, would without a doubt be George Orwell’s 1984. Thought provocative and futuristically written, 1984 declaims the appalling realities of a totalitarian regime.

Winston is the novel’s protagonist – a man with a questioning nature unlike the rest of the helpless drones (the proles) who are oblivious of the potent control of the totalitarian regime. Winston lives in an era where all technology has been focused on either the upgrading of weapons to fight the 'never-ending war' or put to use in the unremitting monitoring of the citizens of Oceania. Devices such as Propaganda, newspeak, thought-police, telecoms are some of the clever stratagem used by the sinister dictator Big Brother. The strongest and most astute stratagem used was telescreens – devices that let the government see what every citizen is up to incessantly.

Orwell has given us a foresight into what he thinks a country ruled by such a regime would be like. It also gives us an idea about how mind control and various torture techniques could be used to make any individual in the whole country do what the regime wanted. Winston despises big brother secretly and lets out his thoughts into his diary; which he writes in a tiny alcove beside the screen in his room that he can hide in and remain unseen by Big Brother. He goes against Big Brother by having his own thoughts and taking part in a forbidden love affair with a woman named Julia who works for the Government. Although boyish and brash Julia is still an attractive character who respects Winston’s virtue agreeably and makes the outcome for them both seem all the more lamentable.

The strong impression that 1984 leaves on any reader is remarkable; that of a horror story with a possible future embedded in its pages. The book’s charm won’t abate, as it is truly one of the best literary marvels ever written.

Nikita said...

In 1950, people imagined the future to be free and full of possibilities but George Orwell thought otherwise. In the novel, titled 1984 George Orwell takes readers on a captivating journey to see what the year 1984 would look like through his eyes.
The book’s main character; Winston Smith is the reader’s eyes and ears of the events happening in this cold and haunting year. He lives in Oceania, which in today’s world is the USA and Western Europe. After living his life under the control of Big Brother aka the government, Winston starts to have doubts about the government and whether it is real or not. He becomes rebellious and wants to find the truth.
The people of the world at this time are under constant dictatorship and surveillance, believe it or not. Everything is decided for them. In this novel, Big Brother may represent Stalin or Hitler, where residents are monitored carefully with a cutting edge telescreen and a whole new language; Newspeak. Using these techniques the government wishes to eradicate any word or even thought against Big Brother and his tightly run organisation.
We also follow Julia, Winston’s love interest and O’Brien, a co-worker. Julia is young, care free individual who is loves life but also supports Winston. O’Brien is also doubtful of the government and reveals himself as part of an opposition rebel group called the Brotherhood. Later on, the three join forces and try to accomplish and achieve their goals.
Towards the end, Orwell has carefully but cleverly implemented a twist in the tale which has bags full of suspense and questions to follow. Readers will be exposed to the many secrets of this intriguing and harrowing book which will leave them speechless. They will enter a dark and mysterious world of 1984 where; War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is strength.
I believe this book has lived up to its expectations of being frightening and gripping. Personally, I found the book to be cunningly crafted but had a new genre of its own. George Orwell has a way of making his readers feel part of the book which is one of the key factors that make up why this is an excellent mystery. I also think that George Orwell had some sort of idea of what could happen in the future or in this case 1984. It makes people think deeply about their surroundings and is one unforgettable experience.